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Commission for each transaction:

This chart shows you how the credit points will be shared after one transaction. If you are a personal store owner, and you sell your own item in your personal store, you will get 60% commission on the item/pack; if you are a theme store owner, and you sell one item from another vendor, you will have the chance to get additional commission on that item (for different vendors, you can set different profit share rates with them), and get up to 80% commission if it's your own item.

Profit Share Difference

Content Store

Profit share in the Content Store is fairly simple. It's 50/50 all the way around. However, please be aware that there is a 15% transaction cost on all sales. Therefore, final profit share will look something like this:

Marketplace - Personal Store

There are two types of profit sharing in the Marketplace. The first is if you are a simple store owner. In that case, you get a flat 60% profit and Reallusion gets 40% on every sale. There is no transaction cost.
The illustration is available here:

Marketplace - Theme Store

On the other hand, Theme Stores can net you more profit. You will be able to adjust the profit share with your developers according to individual agreements. Theme stores are a great way for new developers to get recognized, as they have the added benefit of more prominent exposure not only in the Marketplace, but also other Reallusion sites.

Reallusion provides the complete toolkit for any vendor in the Marketplace to watch their sales performance and easily request an order report. You will be able to find out more about which products have the best sales results, and which products you should put more effort into marketing (the mechanism will be available in mid July).

Reallusion only allows for CCD and VCD to cash out the credit points you earned from marketplace. Please remember to become a CCD first before you can apply for money. Please process this form to become a CCD

Once you reach a certain amount of sales (the current quota is 10,000 points) in the Marketplace (shop or store), you can request to cash out your credit points (100 points = US$1.00). Since there might be some customer or refund issue, every vendor in the Marketplace must leave 5000 points in their account as a contract security deposit.


Cash Out

To apply for money, please send your sales report to Your request will normally be processed within 7 days.