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  What's "CCD Newsletter"?  
To simply define the publication, "CCD newsletter" is made for teaching members how to make money. Unlike general e-papers, CCD newsletter is knowledge-based and run errands for education of animated creation. It is published monthly to point what exactly the demand market is looking forward. In the meanwhile, it offers well-timed content developing methods for sale. Except that, statistics of profile and illustration concerning sales and demand do lots of help for ideas of creation. In brief, free registration of CCD newsletter will benefit your brains and pockets.
  CCD Newsletter will offer......  

The latest information about developing tool, like new product, plug-in, white papers and etc.
  2) Updated content demand or requirement from general animated or other potential markets.
  3) New current in developing contents that will lead your direction in creation.
  4) Featured artists or contents that got great achievement in animated field for demonstration.
  5) Statistic profiles and market analysis for ideas or inspiration of content development.
  6) Hints & tips constantly to provide step-by-step instruction for creating your works.
  7) Important resources from other alliances or partners concerning content development.
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  • Read the Certified Content Developer Agreement for the legal use of Reallusion's iClone plugin and the commercial use of plugin outputs.
    Volume 3D content libraries owned by vendors seeking to port their models for iClone may contact Reallusion (developer@reallusion.com) to obtain the information about Reallusion's republishing program, repurposing services, and commission rates.

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