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Become a Reallusion Content Developer

Primary Content Developer

How to become a PCD

First, you need to register as a Reallusion member. Then, you will be able to use your account to login to the Developer Center. After you confirm the content developer agreement and enter in the serial number of your iClone/Crazytalk PRO edition, you will officially become a PCD.

Benefits & rights

  • Get access to special developer guides and white papers.
  • Get access to plug-ins, sample files, and exclusive templates for 3ds Max.
  • Be eligible to submit and sell content in the Reallusion Content Store.

Certified Content Developer

How to become a CCD

To upgrade your membership to CCD, you need to submit your content pack to the Reallusion Content Store for certification. Once your content pack is approved for sale, your membership will be upgraded automatically.

Benefits & rights

  • Get access to G2/G3 Character Max templates (source files).
  • Be eligible to get 50% commission from all sold content packs.
  • Be eligible to join the CCD marketing program or special promotion (featured developer).
  • Get the Reallusion official certificate to justify your resume.
    *CCD will enjoy the same benefits and rights of PCD.

Veteran Content Developer

How to become a VCD

To upgrade your membership to VCD, you have to be a CCD first, then submit your request to apply for a specific theme store in City Marketplace. If you are approved by the City team as a theme store owner, your developer membership will be upgraded to VCD at the same time.

Benefits & rights

  • Beta test for major product release
  • Advanced developer (content) support (priority)
  • Content early access opportunity (base model) for committed content submission
    *VCD will enjoy the same benefits and rights of PCD & CCD.

Get started as a Reallusion Developer now

Join the program

After you complete the Reallusion member registration form, you will gain access to the Developer Center with a Basic PCD Membership. A PCD Membership upgrade requires that you provide the product serial number during registration. If you have purchased iClone or CrazyTalk, then you are qualified for PCD membership. PCD memberships provide access to special features detailed in the matrix below.

Get the 3D developer tools

Go to the resource page and download the Reallusion Developer Tools. Follow the tutorials and guides to learn the steps to creating custom content for your selected product. Basic members may evaluate these documents, but they must upgrade to CCD status to qualify for full developer program features, tools, and support.

Submit your 3D content

Premium members may submit custom content to Reallusion for approval. Once approved, Reallusion readies your product for sale on the Reallusion.com website and partner marketplaces with a combined exposure of over 1 million users.

Sell your 3D content

3D Artists will receive 50% revenue share on sales in the Content Store after necessary expenses, (the transaction cost of e-payment) and developers are paid monthly once they accrue US$100 of commission. Payments can be made via PayPal or written check. Developers who sell in the City Marketplace are eligible for up to 80% commission, depending on their status.

Developer Membership & Resource Access Comparison

Basic Member
Developer Guides V V V V V
3DS Max
White Paper
3DS Max Plugin - - V - V
3DS Max Sample Files (.MAX) - - V - V
3DS Max Character Template (.MAX) - - - - V
Join Developer marketing program - - - V V
Earn 50% commission of the net sales - - - V V

  • Read the Certified Content Developer Agreement for the legal use of Reallusion's iClone plugin and the commercial use of plugin outputs.
    Volume 3D content libraries owned by vendors seeking to port their models for iClone may contact Reallusion (developer@reallusion.com) to obtain the information about Reallusion's republishing program, repurposing services, and commission rates.

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