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Developer Tool & Resources

Reallusion’s Developer Center provides you with a wide variety of developer resources to create your own content more easily. Currently, you can publish 3D (iClone) and 2D (CrazyTalk Animator) content on the Reallusion Marketplace. Select the software package you would like to develop for:

Submission Type

Product Category Format DRM
iClone Actor Avatar/Creature .iAvatar V
Hair .iHair V
Upper Body .iUpper V
Lower Body .iLower V
Shoes .iShoes V
Accessory .iAcc V
Glove .iGlove V
Material (Dress) Combo .iMtl V
Upper .iMtl V
Lower .iMtl V
Shoes .iMtl V
Head Face .iFace V
Animation Motion .iMotion V
Hands .iHand V
Set Props .iProp V
Terrain .iTerrain V
Sky .iSky V
Tree .iTree V
Project Project .iProject V
CrazyTalk Animator Actor Character .ctActor V
Head .ctHead V
Body .ctBody V
Animation Perform .ctPerform V
Face .ctFCS V
Motion .ctMotion V
Actionmenu .ctAction V
Scene Scene .ctScene V
ImageLayer .ctLayer V
props .ctProp V
SpecialFX Object .ctEffect V
Text .ctText V
Head Face .ctFace V
Brow .ctBrow V
Eye .ctEye V
Nose .ctNose V
Mouth .ctMouth V
Ear .ctEar V
Hair .ctHair V
Head .ctHead V
Body Upper .ctUpper V
Lower .ctLower V
Hand .ctHand V
Shoes .ctShoes V
Headdress .cthdress V
Tail .ctTail V
Prop PropSprite .ctPSprite V
Props .ctProp V
iWidget iWidget .iWidget V
Project Project .ctProject V

Developer Membership & Resource Access Comparison

After you become a developer, there are a number of resources that you will be able to access. Please refer to the table below to learn more about the different levels of access for each developer level.

  • Product description and 2D/3D content development guide
  • Whitepapers, documents and training videos
  • Plug-ins (iClone only) and sample or template resources
  General Member PCD CCD
Developer Guides V V V
White Paper V V V
Plug-in (e.g. 3dx Max) - V V
Sample Files - V V
3ds Max Character Template - - V