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Become a Reallusion Developer

To get started selling your content, you will first need to register as a Primary Content Developer (PCD).  In order to become a PCD, you’ll first need to accept our Content Developer Agreement, and enter in the serial number of your iClone or CrazyTalk Animator PRO edition.  After that, you’ll be able to upload and sell your content in your own personal store in our City Marketplace.  If you want to cash out the credit points you have earned from selling your content, your next step is to become a Certified Content Developer (CCD).  To become a CCD, you will need to submit your content for review by the Reallusion staff.  Submit Now! Once you have attained CCD status, you can then choose to also sell your content in Reallusion’s Content Store, where it will be eligible for inclusion in various product and content bundle packs. 

If you’re interested in moving on to the final level of developer status, you can apply to become a Veteran Content Developer (VCD), which allows you the potential to manage your own theme store in the City Marketplace.  VCD applications are handled on an individual basis and can only be approved after internal discussion by Reallusion staff.

3 Developer Membership Levels

Reallusion has different levels of developer membership. Please see the following table to learn about the criteria & benefits.

Criteria Login to the Developer Center with your Reallusion member account. After you confirm the Content Developer Agreement and enter in the serial number of your iClone/Crazytalk PRO edition, you will officially become a PCD. To upgrade your membership to CCD, you need to submit your content to Reallusion for certification once it is published in the Marketplace. After your content has been certified, your membership will be upgraded automatically. To upgrade your membership to VCD, you will first need to be a CCD with an exceptional record of sales and recruitment of other developers. VCD status makes you eligible to receive your own major theme store in the Marketplace. VCD cases are handled on an individual basis.
Benefits &
- Access Max developer guides, white paper, and 3ds Max plug-ins
- Submit content to sell in the Marketplace
- Ability to open a personal store in the Marketplace
- Join developer marketing program
- Cash out from the Marketplace or Content Store
- Get 3DS Max character template
- Beta test for major product releases
- Premium developer support
- Early access opportunities to upcoming content
EC Right Open personal store in Marketplace Open a personal store in the Marketplace and sell certified content in the Content Store
Open a theme store in the Marketplace and sell certified content in the Content Store
Content Store Cash Out NO Quota: $100
Cash out max:100%
Quota: $100
Cash out max:100%
Cash Out Conditions Credit Points Only Quota: 10,000 points
Contract security deposit:
5000 points
Quota: 10,000 points
Contract security deposit:
Not required

Marketplace v.s. Content Store

These are the major differences between the Content Store and Marketplace. The following chart is also provided to give you an overview of the major differences between the two platforms.

Reallusion's Content Store is a place where you can find premium content packs from both Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers. However, the Content Store may not be for everyone who wants to produce and sell their own content. Packs that are submitted to the Content Store must meet a high standard of quality before they are approved by the Reallusion team.


Reallusion's Marketplace is designed to give 3rd party developers more freedom when marketing and selling their content. In addition to the ability to sell individual items, developers no longer have to wait for approval from Reallusion's Content Store in order to sell their content, a change that will allow fresh new products to become available for purchase immediately.
  Marketplace Content Store
Submission Approval Required
Qualification to Publish Content PCD for Personal Store
VCD for Theme Store
Cash Out PCD - Not for cash out, but to spend points for content purchase is allowed
CCD/PCD - Over 10,000 DA points*
CCD/PCD - Over $100
Currency Used DA Points Cash
Content Format Individual items and customized packs Content packs only
Commission 60-80% 50%
after e-payment transaction cost
DRM Trial Content Yes N/A
Customer Service Responsibility Developer Reallusion
* CCD must maintain a 5000 DA point security deposit on their account at all times.

Apply for a Theme Store in the Marketplace

Theme Stores in the Marketplace allow a team of developers to sell designs together and share the profits they have earned. This provides developers with the opportunity for collaboration and cross-promotion. Reallusion will open specific theme stores regularly according to market demand among other factors. If your application is approved, you will receive a higher profit share on all sales.

In contrast to freestyle personal stores where vendors can sell random types of content, theme stores aim to provide a well-organized marketplace for people to shop by interest. In the meantime, store owners can recruit vendors in the same category, and provide a full spectrum of content alternatives to buyers.