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Submitting your content for sale in Reallusion Marketplace is a simple process. Once you have completed the files for your content pack and are ready to submit them for approval, simply use the submission guidelines and tools found here to package your models or characters into a tidy combo pack!

Get the Content Uploader

The Content Uploader is an easy tool that streamlines the submission process. You can edit and save your content information before uploading, and once you upload the content, it will be accessible from your Marketplace account backend so you no longer have to wait for approval before you begin selling. Aside from the content files, you can set the name, description and price of the specific content, and upload all the promotional materials at the same time.

Submit to Marketplace

After you upload the content to the backend in Marketplace, you can select the desired display categories and publish to your personal store. After that, these content items will appear in the Marketplace which can be accessed from the category navigation, search bar and any other store mechanism. Reallusion City's Marketplace is a complete C2C platform which is designed to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use "try before you buy" experience.

Submit to Content Store

If you are a branded content republisher, you can contactdeveloper@reallusion.comto sell your content in Reallusion’s Content Store, where it will be eligible for inclusion in various product and content bundle packs.