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  Submitting Content  

Submitting your content for sale inside Reallusion's marketplace is a simple process. Once you have completed the files for your content pack and are ready to submit them for approval, simply use the submission guidelines and tools found here to package your models or characters.

5 Steps to Submit and Sell Content
1. Collect content:
Follow the file submission guidelines for your product. Then, gather and compress the files into a single .ZIP file.
2. Upload content:
Click "Submit Now", and fill in the "Upload Form" to upload your Zip file containing all content and preview image.
3. Approve content:
Each content is pending for approval between 3-5 business days while Reallusion team review and test your submission. An approval status e-mail will be sent by Realluson's developer services team.
4. Package content:
Approved content is prepared for market by our sales and marketing team after we receive your confirmation. During this time your content will be ready for launch in the Realluson online store.
5. Market content:
Sales of your content packs could earn you up to 50% commission
each time your content is sold. We'll calculate the sales amount
at the end of every month and once your commission exceeds
US$100, we'll send you the revenue via PayPal.
Note to Developer: If a bug is detected in the developer’s content pack, and it is confirmed that the bug originates from that content, Reallusion will ask the developer to immediately address and fix the bug and/or problem. Reallusion also reserves the right to remove the content pack from any of Reallusion’s online marketplaces until the issue is resolved or indefinitely.


  New Submission Guideline  

To provide better processing flow and flexibility for CCD commercialization, the new submission system is at your service now (updated on 2007/11/01). Please go through the updated items in the "Submission Form" and get the results in your "Preview Page". (Note: All the new items are highlighted as blue in the following illustrations.) Here we use "iClone - G2 Texture" as an example to introduce the new system. You can follow the same rule to submit other categories of contents.

Submission Form (1) Basic Pack Info

A3-1: If you want to redirect viewers to your website from author/company name, you should complete this filed.

Submission Form (2) Pack Inclusion


In general, the contents you have submitted are "Mid Polygon Size" and "Mid Texture Resolution". You can also check out the meanings of these icons to well define your contents.
B2-2: There will be corresponding icons displayed after you fill the quantities of some types.
B2: You will also get text messages to help you clarify the details of your pack inclusion. (*The shoes of the cloth set are textures files made by CloneCloth, and the other shoes will be submitted as vns files.)
B3: You should tell viewers which contents are NOT included in the pack image because you may use some extra contents to display your pack.
B4: Since G2 base models (Character .vns) will not be included in your pack, you have to tell them what the requirement is to purchase your textures.

Submission Form (3) Promotion

C4: You can upload at most 10 extra images to promote your pack.
C5: If you get a content video trailer to present your pack, you are welcome to fill in the embedded code here.

  Preview Page  

After filling out the submission form, please click "preview" button to see the result. You can also click "back" to edit your messages. Then, you can click "upload".


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