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What’s Content Store and Marketplace  
Reallusion’s Content Store is a place where you can find premium content packs from both Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers. However, the Content Store may not be for everyone who wants to produce and sell their own content. Packs that are submitted to the Content Store must meet a high standard of quality before they are approved by Reallusion team. Content Store Details
Reallusion City’s Marketplace is designed to give 3rd party developers more freedom when marketing and selling their content.  In addition to the ability to sell individual items, developers no longer have to wait for approval from Reallusion’s Content Store in order to sell their content, a change that will allow fresh new products to become available for purchase immediately. City Marketplace Details
What’s the difference between Content Store & Marketplace  
This chart is provided to give you an overview of the major differences between the two marketplaces
  City Marketplace Content Store
Submission Approval Required No Yes
Qualification to Publish Content PCD for Personal Store
VCD for Theme Store
Cash Out PCD – Not for cash out, but to spend points for content purchase is allowed
CCD/PCD – Over 10,000 DA points*
CCD – Over $100
Currency Used DA Points Cash
Content Format Individual items and customized packs Content packs only
Content Specifications for Submission Visit here Visit here
Commission 60-80% 50%
after e-payment transaction cost
DRM Trial Content Yes N/A
Customer Service Responsibility Developer Reallusion
* CCD must maintain a 5000 DA point security deposit on their account at all times.

Submission Difference

If you are a developer, you should be aware that submissions to the Content Store may take time to go through the approval process. Therefore, if you are looking to submit material where publishing time is an issue (i.e. to coincide with the release of an official Reallusion pack or particular film competition), then you may want to consider publishing your content in Reallusion City Marketplace first.


Profit Share Difference

Profit share in the Content Store is fairly simple. It’s 50/50 all the way around. However, please be aware that there is a 15% transaction cost on all sales. Therefore, final profit share will look something like this:

Content Store


There are two types of profit sharing in City Marketplace. The first is if you are a simple store owner. In that case, you get 60% profit and Reallusion gets 40% on every sale. There is no transaction cost.
The illustration is available here:

On the other hand, Theme Stores can net you more profit. You will be able to adjust the profit share with your developers according to individual agreements. Theme stores are a great way for new developers to get recognized, as they have the added benefit of more prominent exposure not only in City Marketplace, but also other Reallusion sites.


Which marketplace is the best for me?  

Well, that depends on what sort of a developer you are. Here are some things to consider:

City Marketplace

  • Have a high potential for sales profit
  • Have the chance to market and sell individual items in any combination you wish
  • Offer trial content that contains DRM for users to ‘try before they buy’
  • Fully control and manage your business
  • Get the flexibility to publish and update your product in real-time
  • Be ready and responsible for your customers

Content Store

  • Become a CCD member for the ability to cash out
  • Get a content publication certificate and be recognized in the City community or on your resume
  • Submit your content in high quality standard
  • Get access to opportunities for channel promos, workgroup licenses, and AP bundles

Win Your Brand Loyalty and Reputation  

Once you become a Marketplace vendor, you will get a better profit share from your sales. However, it's also very critical to maintain a good rating so that your customers will continue to come back to check out your future releases.

Answer to your customers about their requests

In the bottom of each content pack/item page, there is a section called "Product Q & A" which allows users to ask questions before purchase. You can check the input you receive in your City message center or personal mail box. This feedback tool provides developers with feedback on their content, so they can get a better sense of the quality of content they are producing.

Provide customer services within 48 hours

Once people purchase your content, they will either give you a review or tell you about problems or issues they encounter. Since Marketplace is a completely user-to-user platform, and there is no review process, Reallusion won't be able to help handle the customer issues. Therefore, please reply to your customers within 48 hours. If Reallusion continues to receive complaints that there is no response from the vendor, Reallusion reserves the right to remove your content or terminate your store account to protect the customers' rights.

Cooperate with a theme store owner for customer support

If you can't handle the customer service by yourself, you can offer your content to a theme store owner, who can sell it for a profit share that you may agree on privately. Once you sell your content in other vendor's theme store, the customer requests will be directed to the theme store owner as well, so the theme store owner can help take care of your customer inquiry.


If you have any further questions, contact us at developer@reallusion.com

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