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Create and sell custom 3D characters, props, scene sets, accessories and more for iClone using 3DS Max, Maya, DAZ, SketchUp and any other 3D tools. Developers and artists with an established content library can easily repurpose their 3D creations as content for iClone and introduce their 3D models and animations to the massive iClone user community. Reallusion provides complete training documentation, sample files and a 3D Studio Max plug-in allowing artists and developers to easily get started.

What You Can Develop for iClone
With the newest generation of iClone, the possibilities for content creation are huge!
  • G5 Characters with better bone structure & look
  • G5 Game Bone characters optimized for use with game engines
  • Cartoonish characters with puppet-ready limbs and accessories
  • Realistic character body and facial motions created with iClone's powerful motion tools, including Kinect mocap, Real-time puppet, Human IK editing, and more!
  • Beautifully modelled 3D props to create fantastic sets for your game/movie
  • Interactive Content with LUA Script
  • Naturally moving physics-enabled props
    Development Tool

    1. Converter & Plug-in

    Developers can take advantage of the seamless integration of iClone content creation into their content development pipeline allowing them to easily include iClone as a simple and lucrative new 3D format exportable from 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and etc.

    3DXchange is a model conversion and editing tool that connects iClone to unlimited 3D content. Import models in 3DS, OBJ, Google SKP or FBX and ready them for iClone with material & texturing tools. Import animated skin-bone characters in FBX format and convert them to iClone models with both facial and body animation.
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    3ds Max Plug-in
    With the 3DS Max plugin for iClone, you will be able to export any custom content directly to iClone, especially for standard character development.
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    2. Add-on Content Bases

    Becoming an iClone developer, or even using iClone for your animation is not really something you can pick up right away. You might need some help along the way with the smart content tools.

    CloneCloth (Character Base)
    CloneCloth introduces powerfully simple custom clothing for iClone CloneCloth actors with the use of images and any image editor to shape and decorate custom designs. Developers can create a variety of outfits for iClone standard characters using any image editor like Photoshop.
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    Physics Toolbox (Transportation Prop Base)
    The Physics Toolbox is an essential plug-in which contains more than 30 powerful physics-based tools that you can utilize in combination to construct your own complex mechanical models or as stand-alone creators of force to power your scene.
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