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Hints & Tips

Case1: The imitation of real material  

Learn it in five easy steps. There are different degrees of reflection toward light as a result of the attribute of the material itself. We can modify the contrast of reflection map through the function of material in iClone to verify the degree of reflection on the surface of an object while rendering. As long as the proper material is selected, any real object can be created.

Case2: How to make your warrior fight  

You can build up a fantastic epic by editing a series of spectacular fighting motions. Follow the 11 steps to make your character vigorous and nimble. You can have your character bob, brandish, chop, and bedazed.

Case3: Apply your particles to cool motion  

If we get fantastic particles, when will we apply them to our video works? Apparently, appropriate action or movement is still crucial to optimize the performance of particle works. See how it was done.