You can save the earned DA points you have accrued from your sales or cash them out. Marketplace Management Backend records the details of every transaction and the Developer Center Backend provides information of all payment history and transactions.

Steps to Cash Out

Apply to be the Certified Content Developer (CCD) by contacting

Provide your payment account and submit the W-9 or W-8 (Non-US citizen) form from the Developer Center Backend and wait for confirmation from Reallusion.

Once your due payment is over the threshold, Reallusion's payment system will automatically settle your account and the commission will be transferred to you on the 20th of that same month.

Log in to the Marketplace to check the detailed sales report and find the payment history from the Developer Center Backend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Content Store and Marketplace?

Reallusion Content Store is a place where you can find premium content packs from both Reallusion and branded content developers. All published items which meet a high standard of quality will be specially selected by Reallusion from the Marketplace. Because of commercialization, and republishing of the content, as well as the subsequent customer service, Reallusion reserves a higher profit share in this case.

Reallusion Marketplace is designed to give 3rd party developers more freedom when marketing and selling their content without waiting for the approval by Reallusion. Individual developers are encouraged to manage their own content creation, commercialization, and publishing for all of the assets they sell. As a result, we offer developers a higher profit share in the Marketplace.

How to qualify for Certified Content Developer (CCD)?

In order to qualify for our Certified Content Developer (CCD), you will fulfill the following criteria:

1. You must finish the previous 5 steps of becoming our content developer:

(1) Register to Join (2) Develop Content (3) Commercialize the Product (4) Submit Content (5) Manage your Store.

2. You must have at least one product in your store. Both content and commercialization quality should meet our standard. Please refer to the sections: Develop Plug-in and Commercialize the Product.

3. Earned over 10,000 DA points.

4. Before you apply to become a CCD, you need to provide your payment account and submit the W-9 or W-8 form from the Developer Center Backend and wait for confirmation from Reallusion.

5. Once the steps above are complete, please include your store URL and submit your request to

Why can't I cash out all my DA points?

Only the DA points you earned from content or plugin sales can be cashed out, while the DA points you purchased or you got through marketing activities or refunds cannot. As for the payment threshold, please check your Sales Report for more details.

How do my assets get selected for the Content Store?

Reallusion will occasionally select quality content from the Marketplace to be published and specially promoted in the Content Store for various marketing initiatives. Content assets which meet the topic of Theme Promotion Campaign have a chance to be selected to Content Store for the campaign. Good quality and exceptional visual appeal are required as well.

What’s the profit sharing rate for the Personal Store & Featured Store in Marketplace?

Marketplace - Personal Store

  • 60%: Content Developer
  • 40%: Reallusion

Marketplace - Featured Store

  • 60% (default): Content Developer
  • 20% (default): Featured Store Owner
  • 20%: Reallusion

What’s the profit sharing rate in the Content Store?

Reallusion provides customer service and special promotion for all assets sold in the Content Store, the sales commission rate is set at 50/50, with equal share going to Reallusion and the developers. For Featured Developers, the profit sharing rate will be deducted or added based on the commercialization and repurposing efforts.

Why is there a cash revenue under Content Store from my Sales Report?

It means that your product has been selected to Content Store, and users bought the product. Since all transactions in Content Store are made by cash, there will be cash revenue generated. You can check the transaction records from the Sales Report.