Content Uploader

The Content Uploader is an easy tool that streamlines the submission process. You can edit and save your content information before uploading, and once you upload the content, it will be accessible from your Marketplace Management Backend. Aside from the content files, you can set the name, description and price of the specific items and upload promotional materials all at once.


File Size: 21.1 MB
Release Date: 2020-05-05
Version: v1.58 ( Release note )

Basic Workflow

Import Content Files

Import the content files from your desktop to the Content Uploader by loading them in or use drag-and-drop.

Edit Content Information

Edit the information of your content before uploading or upload multiple files at the same time and do the final editing in Marketplace Management Backend.

Enable Trial & File Protection

Enable the "Trial" ability with the watermark embedded, which allows users to try before they buy, but not being able to freely share the content to those who haven’t purchased it.


  • Item Name: The name on the website. Changing this value doesn't effect the actual content that is uploaded.
  • Assign Subfolder: The installation directory for this content.
  • Replace: Update the files of an existing content. Input the content ID of this existing content and clicking the “Replace" button.
  • Product / Version: The compatible product and software version.
  • Type: Corresponds with the type organization in Marketplace. (will affect installation path)
  • Category: Corresponds with the category organization in Marketplace.
  • Base Model: Select the base model for this content. This is used for creating assets for iClone G2, G3, G5 character.
  • Price: Product price in DA points. Only iClone/Character Creator content is applicable for the Export License.
  • Description: Input the product description from the Uploader or log into the Marketplace backend to use the text editor.
  • Preview Image
  • Page Header
  • Thumbnail
  • Promo Video
  • Content Store Pack ID: Link the content to an encompassing pack in Content Store for cross promotion. The pack ID can be found from the URL of that Content Store pack, e.g. ACC120CIENU000020160419006
  • Tags: Helps to categorize items for the search function. We suggest including the pack and item names.
  • Trial Enable: Allows the users to try before they buy.
  • Embed Watermark (Auto-enabled): Prevent users from freely sharing the content to those who haven’t purchased it. If users don’t own the content, watermark will be displayed on the viewport. (this option has been automatically enabled in v1.56). Note: some formats cannot be watermarked, i.e. .swf, .iScene, .png, etc.