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Whitepapers & Guide
Whitepapers and Quickstep guides to help you to create your content for either commercial resale or to use in whatever projects you are working on. CrazyTalk Animator Developer Guides are in-depth instructions on the steps necessary to create content with a variety of programs such as Flash and Photoshop. The CrazyTalk Animator Developer Guides offer 2D artists a comprehensive guide to constructing Animator characters, 2D scenes, accessories, props, cameras, and more. All guides are written to comply with existing pipelines.
Create CrazyTalk Animator G2 Character
Just prepare one flash template with their characters in different perspectives and CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline will automatically turn them into animation-ready, multi-dimensional characters for you. You can fine-tune layers, offsets, and joint masks for optimized results.
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The Specification of a CrazyTalk Animator Character
Here you’ll learn all about how to produce basic image and vector-based characters, and assemble them in the proper way so they can be modified in the Character Composer.
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The Basic Rules for Vector-based CTA Character Design
CrazyTalk Animator now offers the opportunity for CG artists who specialize in Flash to import any and all of their work to be manipulated and animated. This is a step-by-step guide for the proper way to compose characters and props in Flash for use in CrazyTalk Animator.
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Defining Color Group for Your Vector-based Actor
This guide walks you through the steps you need to take in order to define color groups so that your characters will be more easily customizable for the end user.
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Creating Image-based character with Any Image Editor
Learn about the pipeline for creating image-based characters in Adobe Photoshop and bringing them into CrazyTalk Animator.
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Making an Actor Suitable for Front & Side Motions
This guide will provide you with the information you need to modify your characters for both front and side poses.
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Plug-in & Sample Files
CrazyTalk Animator is a brand new version 1.0, and we don’t have much content to archive, but here is a section that includes a number of resources that are available for you to use with this software. Find templates, sample project files, and more to help you with your development project!
Visual Reference Guide for Designing Vector-based Characters
This is a visual guide that lays out all of the required elements for vector-based characters such as eye, mouth and hand libraries.  This download is in .zip format, and includes the visual reference guide in .pdf format, composition images, as well as sample CrazyTalk Animator character files for each style of vector-based character.  If you’re interested in designing your own vector-based characters, this is an essential guide to help you along the way.
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Archived Resources
Sometimes the best tool is simply the help of other more experienced developers. We strongly encourage you to get involved with our very active user forum and check out our Facebook page to see how you can make new friends with other users of Reallusion software. Among other things, you’ll find dates and opportunities for competitions and collaborative projects as well as what sort of content is now in user demand so you can tailor your new creations accordingly. You can also ask any question you want from our friendly community of developers.
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