Two Career Paths

Content Developer

Reallusion software has a worldwide user base of over 500,000 users, each with the their own need for new and unique developer content. As a Content Developer, you can sell your own branded content packs with Reallusion’s assistance in marketing channels and strategic plans.

Can I create any type of content I want?
Yes, you can propose any type of content you are interested in developing. The Reallusion Incubation Team will give you some advice about best packaging and what type of content our customers will be looking for.

How will Reallusion help me in marketing my branded content?
To best introduce you to the Reallusion community, we will create a Product Page and do the commercialization for the first launch, which is something that the general Marketplace won’t do for you. In addition to a customized and appealing product page, every launch will also be marketed via newsletter, forum and social media, which reaches over 500,000 users around the world. Seasonal product promotion or joint promotion will be hosted randomly.

  • Example of the Product Page – Ayaka by Kohlrabi Studio

If you are to continue in content development, we will create a Developer Page for you to demonstrate your product series.

How much money can I earn from this?
Reallusion is seeking long-time partners to produce some of the best digital assets in the world, and we believe that great commercialization and a great marketing channel is a must for promoting products. Therefore, developers will get 40%~50% of the net revenue from the sale of your product(s) due to the exclusivity of Reallusion’s file formats and the marketing budget used to promote your content. The profit sharing rate may differ depending on the commercialization efforts. To cover your early costs in the production stage, pre-payment could be given in certain cases.

Contracted Designer

Reallusion official content has been proven to be high quality and achieves high customer satisfaction. As a Contracted Designer, you will work closely with the professional Reallusion Visual Art Team, and create the best content under the Reallusion brand, which implies that the quality of your design works should meet the official standard. Individuals or studios with long-time partnership and mutual growth in revenue and skill are what we are looking for.

What are the type of content?
3D character assets.

How much money can I earn from this?
Depends on project scope. Average USD 10K~20K per project.

How to Join ?

To cultivate teamwork and get familiar with the content development pipeline, there are three levels of tasks to walk through before starting to create and sell your contents.