Reallusion is a animation software and content developer, that specializes in the development of real-time 2D and 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students, and professionals. To meet the content demands of a fast growing industry, since 2017 Reallusion has allocated financial and marketing resources to assist talented 2D and 3D artists that are looking for an opportunity to start their own business.

Turn Interest into Business 

Use your spare time to make money by doing what you love

Get Early Funding

Free tools, consulting, and seed funding

Own Your Brand

Create, market, and sell your own brand

We are looking for ?

2D and 3D artists who are confident in their art skills, good at self-management, and able to commit to a fulfilling, lifelong career.

How to Join ?

To cultivate teamwork and get familiar with the content development pipeline, there are three levels of tasks to walk through before starting to create and sell your contents.


Tell us how good you are.


Show us your best work.


Get certified and join the program.

Two Career Paths

Content Developer

Sell your own branded content packs, through Reallusion’s assisted marketing channels and promotional plans.

Contracted Designer

Build up a long-term partnership by creating pioneering content through the Reallusion brand.                         

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