Commercialize YOUR product

We are raising the bar for the good of every Content Developer. Visual quality is key, and now carries more weight during the submission and approval process. Keep in mind, content that is marketed with high quality visuals are promoted more often!

Great Content Developers are successful for the following reasons:

  • High quality, reliable content to keep buyers coming back for more.
  • Great marketing material that attracts and holds customer attention.

Creating excellent content is about talent and skill, but on top of that you also need marketing smarts to give you an edge. This guide will instruct you on effective marketing that can increase sales and exposure.


Your First Impression on the Customer

Besides the quality of your plug-ins, this is perhaps one of the most important things to focus on.  It's difficult to get people to browse your plug-ins unless you grab their attention. Don’t miss out on possible sales due to sloppy thumbnailing!


  • Image Size: 512 x 650 px


  • Thumbnail image should be relevant to the product(s) being sold.
  • Thumbnail should be of high quality.
  • Do not write the product name or title on the thumbnail images.  This information will be filled in by the store.

Preview Image

Exhibiting your Plug-ins in the Best Possible Way

Preview images are the visual eye-candy that can hold the customer's attention.  It's often better to show than tell. Customers love to see images, and pictures can express meaning and value in ways that words can not accomplish.


  • Image Size: width less than 1920 px, and length less than 1080px
  • Quantity: maximum of 30 images per pack


  • Should be of good image quality.
  • Use preview images as a gallery to show your design ideas and a wide range of possible applications.

Product Description

The Value Proposition

A thorough product description has an impact on how customers perceive your plug-ins. Please mention what is included, how to install and use the plug-in, and above all why your product is so valuable and necessary.


We highly recommend that you also include a copy of the product description (Read Me) in the ZIP file with your plug-in, so that users don’t need to often revert back to your website for instructions and usage.

Promo Video

Advertising your Products & Best Use Scenario

People want to see animation in action and what your plug-ins look like when they are used for production. Of course, a preview image can do this, but a video can be a better way to guide the customers over your product.


  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
  • Video host link: YouTube
  • Quantity: maximum of 60 videos or 3D viewers per pack


  • Offer a teaser to showcase the special features.
  • Make some tutorials to show the customer how to use the product.