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Developer Spotlight: Lisa Scragg - Female 3D Specialist

My name is Lisa Scragg, I live small town about an hours drive from Melbourne, Victorias State capital in Australia.

A chance purchase of a magazine, almost two years ago, with a trial of Corel PainterIX got me started into the world of 3D art. Until then I was designing machine-embroidered lace for computerized embroidery machines.

The magazine provided links to Renderosity, an online art community, and I discovered a whole world of Digital Art that was showcased in various galleries. It was like falling down Alice's rabbit hole, I first bought Poser and I still enjoy making pictures with it.

Meet iClone

Chance to meet iClone Early in 2006, Reallusion sponsored an animation contest at Renderosity, I down-loaded the Trial of iClone and despite not having made any animation before, I managed to place Third, winning a copy of iClone, but I would have bought it anyway! I was very excited by how easy it was to create animated stories using Iclone.

I have always had an interest in 3D modeling and after 8 yrs of embroidery I was ready to make a "career change", I had been saving and was about to buy Light-wave, but I borrowed the extra money to purchase 3DMax so I could make Characters for iClone. I could see the potential for iClone becoming very popular.

CCD Program and Ideas for works

Then, I enrolled in the CCD program, and read all the guides available from the developer centre, I still refer to them as it is important to have the correct number of vertices and all the parts named correctly for the characters to import properly into iClone. Much trial and error later, I made several pairs of shoes.

Inspiration comes from a lot of places, the Game Myst got me interested in how 3dmodels were used in games, and it has been at the back of my mind for years that it would be interesting to produce models, and now iClone has given me the opportunity.

My first full character was a robot. The original robot design had problems when the different iClone body shapes were applied to, the arms flew off in all directions! Time to re-think the joints, I tried to make the joints believable and my interest in how machines work helped me here.
The Peacekeepers resulted from learning how the bodysuit works, I started them while I was trying to solve the robot rigging problems. I find that if I am getting frustrated with a model, it is better to put it away and start something new. Often the answers to the problem come to me once I stop stressing about it.

In addition, reference is almost a must. Much to his amusement, my Chiropractor lent me a 1/2 size skeleton while I was modeling "Bones".
I have a couple of notebooks to write ideas in before I forget them, I borrow books from the library some on costume and a couple on 3d Modeling, and thrift shops are good source of cheap picture books to use as reference.


Lisa's websites are:

Here are poser pictures, although I don’t think there is anything new since discovering iClone!

Embroidery designs for home embroidery machines.

This page is under construction but I hope soon to have a showcase of things I am working on.

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