How to convert the flash component
for WidgetCast


Formats that are acceptable

        WidgetCast was created with Action Script 3, therefore all flash components using Action Script 3 will be easier for adaptation and development. Action Script 2 flash components may, in some cases, have compatibility issues within WidgetCast. For example, it could alter the ContextMenu inactive or ineffective. For this reason, the best method to develop flash components for use in WidgetCast is with Action Script 3.


Convert example

        There process to convert available flash components is quite simple. The diffferences can be compared between the images below. The different code between original(left) and adjusted for WidgetCast(right). Steps 1- 4 are in order, but step 5 and 6 are situational constraints.


Step 1. Import widgetcast lib


Step 2. Remove stage property or methods, add wctapi.init(), and track swf load complete.


Step 3. To load xml file by wctapi.loadxml().


Step 4. Get xml data by


Step 5. Transforms source file path to absolute path.


Step 6. Replace stage property with constant.


WidgetCast Lib

    The source code and api documents of widgetcast api lib can be accessed below.

    Document      SourceCode