Animated iProp

Interactive prop can only be created in iClone? No, not really. You can even make your own iProps in 3ds Max once you created the motions for the iProp. But certainly you need our plug-in for the embedded code to work.

Design and Create your Model

  1. Create any models you want to make it as an iProp.


  1. Make several different type of animations to form a combination of motion. Such as rotate, scale and move.

          You may download the iProp with the animation created in 3ds Max.

Export the iProp

  1. When you are done with all the animation of the prop. You can then export the prop.


  1. Now, save the prop as the file type, iClone3 File. Click "Save".


  1. The Reallusion iClone Panel pops up. On the left side of the Reallusion Panel, save it as "Prop" in the File Type field.


  1. On the right side panel. Export the prop as "ALL". This export both the model and the animation. Define the animation clips in the animation clips list. From the animation I created I have defined two motions for my prop. You can define as more as you wish. When these cycles are defined and the names of each motion is set. They will show exactly the same in iClone once you import it into iClone. Of course you may edit the AML script once you import it into AML Script Editor. So don't worry, if the names is not what you want in here.


  1. Click "OK".

   Note: Some of you may notice that it's the same procedure for creating LiveProps in iClone 2.5.

Import into iClone

Import into iClone to verify that we have all the animations embedded in the iProp. Then we can export and import the script to modify in AML Script Editor.

  1. Import the iProp from Set > Props > Modify Panel.


  1. Click the "Import" button to import the iProp into iClone.


  1. Now the iProp is right in the scene. Right-click on the iProp and select perform command to see the motions of the iProp.


  1. Right-click on the iProp and select DramaScript to export the AML Script of the iProp.


          Download the iProp for iClone.

Modify AML Script

Where to get the AML Script Editor?

  1. Before you can get AML Script Editor, you must become on of the CCD member.
  2. Click "Download Tool" on the top banner to download the AML Script Editor.
  3. Save the zip file onto the desktop.
  4. Unzip the file to your local system and execute the EXE file to launch the program.

Launch AML Script Editor

  1. Launch the AML Script Editor application.
  2. Open and modify the script you exported from iClone.
  3. Assign hotkeys to each of the perform commands.


  • Select one of the perform command and go to the hotkey list to assign a hotkey.

Download the iProp AML script.

  1. After you are done with modification, you can then save and import the script into the iProp.


        Please refer to the AML Template Tutorials for more information about the AML Script Editor

Creating your own iProp can be really fun. Try it out. You may be amazed about what you can create out of this tutorial.