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CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline version is required for the CT content production.

3D Head (.RLHead) can be created from a 2D image/photo natively by using the CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline, while the actor, clothing, hair and accessory are converted from iClone/Character Creator 3D assets. Therefore, please learn how to create 3D content in Character Creator first, and then bring the contents back to CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline to save them as CT contents.

TypeContent Format in CrazyTalk**Content Format in iClone
Actor*.ctiModeliAvatar (CC Character)
Clothing.ctiBodyiAvatar (CC Character)

* There are two types of Actor, one is image-based 2D actor, another is 3D actor.
** iClone contents can be applied to CrazyTalk, but the CT contents can only be used in CrazyTalk.

Designing Clothes, Shoes, Hair and Accessories

Designing 3D Head