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Besides multi-dimensional G2 characters, CTA 3 provides all the tools to structure sophisticated bone rigs to design your own 2D characters from Images. This is the "G3" character. G3 characters adopt subdivision topology for smoother bending effects and flexible joints. Below is the comparison between G2 and G3 characters.
G3 character production requires CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline edition or above.
G2 character production requires CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline edition or above.

Feature Comparison: G2 vs. G3 Character

FunctionsG2 CharacterG3 Character
Template BoneCustom Bone
Multi-Dimension (10 angles for 3D motion)V
Flexible JointVV
Vector (.SWF)V
Multiple Render StyleV
Morph-based HeadVVV
Sprite-base HeadVVV
G3 Smooth Facial SystemVVV
G2 Motion (2D, 3D)V
G3 Character MotionV
Body PuppetV
Face PuppetVVV
3D Motion EditingV
2D Key EditingVVV
Create Character in CTA3 (Pipeline version)
*Adobe Flash required.
Content Developer White PaperVVV