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Customize Your Store

If you want to promote your products or highlight the name or another particular attribute of your personal store page, you can create text or upload a banner to make a custom signboard.

Arrange Your Products

The Reallusion Marketplace backend provides a “Module Management” interface that allows you to drag the modules to arrange their display sequence. You can refer to the following table for an explanation of the modules that are available to customize your personal store.

Lists the best selling content in your shop.
All Content
Lists all the content in your shop.
Rich Text
Use the rich text editor to add messages, images, videos, or widgets to your shop.
Displays your member status in Reallusion City.
Message Board
Puts a message board in your portal/shop so other members can leave a public or private message to you.
Featured Items
List selected feature content in your portal/shop.

Here is an example for your reference of how a personal store looks like.



Display Your Product

Base/Derivative Content

There is an increasing amount of character clothing bases in the Marketplace; and as a result there has been a lot more derivative iMaterial content being released for those base templates as well. One issue that has arisen from this increase in base and derivative content has been that it can be pretty confusing to know exactly which base content needs to be purchased in order to properly apply your derivative content (i.e. iMaterial files). Fortunately, we’ve recognized this issue and have developed a new feature in the Marketplace mechanism that will allow you to easily find the correct base/derivative content you need with a single click.

Know More

Gain Customers

In Reallusion's Marketplace, you are empowered not only to manage your own launch schedule or content display; you may also talk to your customers directly. Once you become a Marketplace vendor, you will get a better profit share from your sales. It's also very critical to keep your customers satisfied so they will give you a good rating on your products.

In the bottom of each content pack/item page, there is a section called "Product Q & A" which allows users to ask questions before they purchase content. You can also check out the messages in your Marketplace Message Center (as shown below) or personal mail box, which will help you to meet your customers' interests in time.

When users purchase your content, they will either give you a review or tell you about any issues they may have with your content. Since the Marketplace is a C2C platform, and there is no review process previous to the content being published, and Reallusion won't be able to help handle the customer issues. Therefore, please reply to your customers within 48 hours. If Reallusion receives complaints regarding a lack of response from the vendor, Reallusion has the right to remove your content or terminate your store account to protect the customer.

If you can't handle the customer service aspect by yourself, you can offer your content up for sale on a theme store. Once you sell your content in another vendor's theme store, the customer requests will be passed to the theme store owner as well, so he/she can help to take care of your customer inquiry.

There is a member subscription system in your personal store page. Your customers will be able to subscribe to your personal store if they are interested in your creations. Once they subscribe to it, they will receive a notification via email every time you update the contents of your theme store.

To draw customers to your personal store, you can consider producing some freebie content as teasers to increase traffic on your site. Any content item which is set as $0 will be displayed in the freebie section (which strangely enough is the most popular section in Marketplace).

The Marketplace allows users to sort content by "Latest", "Rating", and "Popularity". This makes it easier to find not only the newest content, but also that of the highest quality and popularity.

You can also carefully customize the "Keyword" & "Tag" entries assigned to your product so people will be able to search and find your pack with ease.