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Concept Design

Options, options, options! This word is so important, that I will say it one more time- Options! Content that comes with predesigned options- will greatly increase your demand. But what good are all those options, if you don’t show your customers “How to…”

“How to use”

Show your customers the many uses of your content. If you create a 3D scene, show your customers all the different ways to use your content!

“How to assemble”

Show your customers how to assemble or customize your content with different accessories and options!

“How to interact”

Show your customers how they can interact with your content with AML scripts and right click menus!


The Best place to begin with this is to check out the AML ScriptEditor and iContent. There you can download the tool for free, find tutorials and get ideas for your next great product!



General Advice & Tips from Experts:
  1. Let them see you put some thought in your content, you’re customers will appreciate your thoughts and effort by buying your content.
  2. The more options you give, the more professional your content will appear to be in the eyes of your consumers. And the more professional your content is, the more willing customers will be to buy your content as opposed to another’s content pack.