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Developer Spotlight: Paul Louis of "Cool Town Story"

I was born and raised in New York City and trained in the performing arts. I've worked in countless stage productions and even had a brief 15 seconds of fame as an award winning children's show creator, as well as co-starring on the TV series, "S Club 7" (big in the UK).

But I'm also a professional puppeteer/puppet builder & cartoonist, who uses "puppet building/cartoon" techniques when creating my iClone characters. For example, I'll take full advantage of the sliders provided in the Face mode, by over exaggerating the facial features. I'll use the same approach when adjusting body sizes, by scaling the head, hands and feet up or down. These combined efforts really enhance the full result of the character, giving you a more unique character with it's own distinct personality.

Inspiration of Works

When it comes to getting ideas for new characters, I'm always inspired by people I've met in and out of the performing arts. We're an eccentric bunch as some you might know. So the ideas for characters could be based on a character from a production, or simply from someone I've met or seen somewhere (or maybe a family member). Bottom line is, inspiration is everywhere. And that, I believe, is the beauty of iClone, ....the endless possibilities.

Advice for CCD Members

My advice to other CCD members is to brainstorm on the unique. Play with an idea completely out of the norm and see what evolves. And to anyone using the program I say, share it with those you love. iClone has provided a fun and creative way for me to bond with my young daughter.

My mission is to share my iClone stories, tips, techniques and character files with other users (or soon to be users) via my daily blog site "MyClones For iClone". And a big thank you to the brilliant folks at Reallusion, for providing me with the tools to make this "has been who never really was", feel like a respected artist.

"I bought myself the full version of iClone about a year ago. It was to be a Christmas gift to myself. But it became more than that. It became a gift of self growth and creative potential for me, and more importantly, for my little girl, Hali." - Paul Louis


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