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  Develop Face packs for CrazyTalk  
CrazyTalk developers may use the face rigging tools inside CrazyTalk Media Studio to transform photos, illustrations, 3D renderings, paintings or any digital image into talking CrazyTalk character puppets. Developers may use CrazyTalk to generate talking faces with acommon theme, like fantasy, people, animals, cars, etc... Transfrom your images (JPG or BMP) into CrazyTalk character Face packs using CrazyTalk's easy facial fitting wizard. Your JPGs or BMPs will become a series of CrazyTalk .CTM files that can be packed into a .ZIP file, submitted to Reallusion for approval, and ultimately sold to CrazyTalk users as add-on Face packs which users can load into any CrazyTalk library and bring to life as animated talking characters. Custom face packs allow CrazyTalk users to expand their content library easily and enjoy your CrazyTalk puppets as a welcomed addition to their content library.
  Createable Content Categories  
Create and sell custom Face packs as add-on CrazyTalk content packs for these categories.
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  How to Create CrazyTalk Face packs  
  • CrazyTalk Face Packs
    1. All you need is CrazyTalk to fit your images or photos to make head models to fill a Face Pack.
    2. Think of a theme for your CrazyTalk face pack(s) Fantasy, Jungle animals, cartoon faces, etc...
    3. Choose photos or images from your collection or create custom faces using illustration or 3D software
    4. We suggest minimum 800x800 pixel resolution at 72dpi per image
    5. Please select 5 or 10 faces per pack submission.
    6. Import your face images into CrazyTalk and fit the faces with CrazyTalk's facial fitting wizard.
    7. CrazyTalk transforms your images into talking Face image files in CrazyTalk (.CTM) file format
    8. No animation creation is necessary, as your Face pack purchasers will use your faces with their audio.
    9. Finally zip your CTM files and submit them to Reallusion for approval and sale inside the Reallusion marketplace.
    10. Get 50% commission on each sale of your custom CrazyTalk Face packs inside the Reallusion store.
  CrazyTalk Screenshots  
Import your images
Edit and Crop
4 Click Face Rigging
Mask Background
Save as .CTM file

  Sell your CrazyTalk content inside the Reallusion marketplace  

Submitting your custom content is easy using Reallusion's submission templates that demostrate how to Zip and submit your files for our engineers to review and approve. When you complete a custom CrazyTalk face pack immediately submit them to Realusion for approval and acceptance into the Reallusion marketing program enabling you to make money fast with CrazyTalk.

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