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Market Your Content, Market your Brand!
We are raising the bar for the good of everyone! Visual quality is key, and it now carries more weight during the submission process and qualification. But not to worry, this guide will show you what is expected of your marketing materials as well as help you to make outstanding marketing materials! Remember, the better quality images and packs are always promoted the most often!

Great Certified Content Developers are successful because of two reasons:
1) Great Content
2) Great Marketing Materials

Designing great content is about talent and skills. Designing marketing materials is about talent, skills… and commercialization talent! This Guide will help you to learn how to effectively market your content for increased sales and exposure!
A glimpse of what your content will look like on the Content Store
Every content page has the same layout, but what you do with your layout to make your content stand out, is all on you! This guide will help you on your way!

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