AML Template Tutorial



Avatar Any Angle

Whatís the difference from having just a model of a soda can and an iProp of a soda can? Everything! With the iProp soda can we can right-click on it and have any avatar approach it and interact with it. But, how do we get the avatar to walk over to the iProp?! Well, letís take a closer look at the iPropís AML.

ActionRadius is an invisible circle around the prop at a designated distance in which an avatar will stop at when approaching a prop. Action Radius is also the distance at which an avatar will play an animation of an interaction (for example pick up something or hit something). When you use action radius it's very easy to direct your character to walk to the object from any angle.

  1. Select Operate Command from the command drop down list.


  1. Click "Add".


  1. Rename the new operate command to Avatar_Any_Angle.


  1. The selected command type and the command name is shown in the attribute panel.


  1. Check the "Lock Move" to deny any interruption from other move command while the selected move is in progress.


  1. Check "Right Menu" to have the command show in right-click menu.


  1. Set the hot key to "DefStart". This is applicable when the operator uses ctrl-click on the target object. When in Director Mode, this will save the operator time by having the character in selection and make the character to do the default interaction with the target iProp without the need to right-click on the prop.


  1. Activate "ActionRadius" and set to 80 this value is measured by cm. ActionRadius gives a rather rough spot defined by Radius range, which an avatar can approach and start to play animation once he starts to enter into this range. The starting range is defined from the character's Lower Torso pivot to prop's pivot center point.


          In the illustration below you can see that the character walks to the edge of the circle. Then in the video on the right, the character performs within the range of the circle.


  1. When complete, save your AML Script and import it to any prop.