AML Template Tutorial



Prop Open The Chest

Pirates love gold! And X always marks the spot� but what good is finding the treasure if the treasure chest can�t even open up!? In this lesson you will learn how props can be given perform commands to open or close using collect clip animation.

This tutorial shows you the basics on how you can create interactive iProps in iClone, export the AML commands, and then use AML Editor to assign hotkeys to each command.

Create the Animation Clips for Treasure Chest in iClone

Using Collect Clip, iClone automatically turns the prop animation into right menu perform commands, thus you can export the commands into AML Editor for further modification.

  1. Create a chest with iClone. Create animation clips for the opening of the chest by using transform keys.
  2. Open the Collect Clip and Transform tracks of the chest top.

  3. Add rotation keys at different frames for the close position chest top on the Transform track to generate key-frame animation for the block.

  4. Drag in the Collect Clip track to make a range for chest top close animation clip.

  5. Right-click within the range of the Collect Clip track and select Add to Library. Name the clip "Close" and click OK.


  1. Do the same to create an "Open" animation clip.

  2. When you right-click, you can see all the animation clips you have collected.


          Have you noticed that when you collect clips in iClone3, you have automatically generated perform commands for the prop.

  1. Export the script from the iProp by right-click menu then hover over DramaScript and then export script.

AML Scripting

  1. Import the script into AML ScriptEditor.


  1. Check "Lock Perform" for both commands. This denies other perform command from interrupting when this perform is proceeding.
  2. Check "Right Menu" for this command to show in right click menu in iClone.
  3. Assign hot key "Perform1" for the Open command. In iClone, you can use "1" on the top row keyboard to perform Open Command.


  1. Assign hot key "Perform2" for the Close command. In iClone, you can use "2" on the top row keyboard to perform Close Command.


  1. Now you can save the script, and test it out in iClone with hotkey 1, and hotkey 2 to open and close the chest.

Please refer to the iClone Direct Mode hotkey table for the corresponding hot keys.