AML Template Tutorial



Stationary Rotation

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a steering wheel that you can control its left-right turning by hotkey and it remains in the same position (using Move command).

You can simply apply the same template to any props that need rotation control where the prop remains in the same position. E.g. Things like Tank Turrets, Radars, windmills, compasses, anemoscopes even vehicles like tanks can rotate at the same location.
  1. Select Move Command from the command drop down list. Click "Add".
  2. Move Template floater pops up. Focus in the Type section, type allows you to set the hot key combinations for you to use in iClone. This corresponds to the hot keys of the move command.


  1. In this tutorial we will focus on StationaryNoTurn, StationaryLRTurn, StationaryUDTurn and StationaryAllTurn.
  • StationaryNoTurn, the prop remains in the same position without turning motions.
  • StationaryLRTurn, the prop remains in the same position with left and right turning motions like yaw turning.
  • StationaryUDTurn, the prop remains in the same position with up and down turning motions like pitch turning.
  • StationaryAllTurn, the prop remains in the same position with all turns.
  1. Select StationaryLRTurn and rename the command "Stationary_Rotation".


  1. Set RotSpeed and InitRotSpeed for the Stationary_Rotation command.


  • RotSpeed defines the rotation speed you set for the selected item. This means how quickly your object will turn. Higher the setting, the faster the turn (but will have a snapping effect, but this will ensure sharper turns). Lower the setting means smoother curves, but this means sharp turns could not be made (similar to the concept of a car turning, a car can never make a 90 degree turn).
  • InitRotSpeed defines the speed which first must be exceeded before rotation (turning) can begin. When InitRotspeed is defined as zero, then when the prop rotates it will have the setting of the speed of RotSpeed attribute.
  1. Save the DramaScript and import it into the prop to test out the speed.