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I want the character to do a combo move! Does that mean I need to press so many hotkeys?! Well, if you’re a gaming guru genius, that wouldn’t be a problem… but if you’re not, then let me show you how to create multiple animation performs that use trigger clips to trigger each animation to follow the other in order to pull off an awesome combo attack!

In this tutorial we will focus on how to create animation clip combination and set orders of the animation clips.

  1. Select Perform Command from the drop down command list.


  1. Click "Add".


  1. Rename the command to "Combo".


  1. In the Lock section, lock move, lock operate and lock perform. This will deny other moves, operates, and performs from interrupting while this command is in progress.


  1. Check "Right Menu". Then you can see the command in the right menu inside of iClone.


  1. Set the HotKey for the Combo command.


  1. Select Animation Clip and press "Add Clip".


  1. Search the motion file in "C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 3\Template\iClone Template\Motion\iMotion_Kane\Perform".


  1. Add two more Animation Clips to the Combo command.


  1. How do we make sure that the motions are played in the order I want? Set Trigger Clip in the ClipSeq section. Noticed the "No." column. If you want to place "Ninja_M_Act_03" after "Ninja_M_Act_01" then place Ninja_M_Act_01's No. "0" in the row of "Ninja_M_Act_03". So the clip "Ninja_M_Act_03" plays when "Ninja_M_Act_01" is done.


  1. Place "1" in the Trigger Clip column of "Ninja_M_Act_07" animation clip.


          So now it plays in the order like this "Ninja_M_Act_01" > "Ninja_M_Act_03" > "Ninja_M_Act_07".

  1. Save the AML Script and import it into iClone3 avatars.