AML Template Tutorial



Avatar Breath

Sit still! Can you sit absolutely still?! I bet you can’t, not for longer than 3 minutes… because no matter how hard you try, you’ll still be breathing… well I hope you will be…

When people are idle … they still breathe, because they are alive, unless they’re zombies… but that’s a totally different story. In this lesson, we will add one idle motion to focus on the basic fundamentals of idle motions. Just add a motion file then you have an idle motion for your character. That way, your characters can breathe away and come to life!

  1. Select Idle Command from the drop down list. Idle commands are different from the other commands because they only will work when the character is not being interacted with, thus when the avatar or prop is “idle”.


  1. Click "Add".


  1. Rename the idle command you just created to "Idle_01".


  1. Leave the idle command attributes as default. When you have more than one idle commands you can then set the appear ratio for each idle then when it plays they appear randomly from the ratio you define in OccurTimes. See Avatar Idles to learn more about more than one idle command, but let’s continue to look at just one idle. So for right now you can leave it as default.


  1. Add an Animation Clip to the idle command.


  1. Locate the motion file.


          In iClone3, the default idle motion is located in C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 3\Template\iClone Template\Motion\iMotion_Violet\Idle.

  1. Rename the clip to "Default_F_idle_00".


Notice that you have a Loop in the UI menu. How do you set them? When you set a clip with "0" it plays infinitely. Whereas that when you set number 1 and up, it plays by the loop number you set in this field. The Delay (sec) field refers to will the clip delay after its triggered or it plays immediately after its triggered.

  1. Now the selected clip shows in the attribute section.


  1. Choose "Motion" as the clip type.


  1. You can change the idle motion once again by clicking "Browse" to locate another idle motion.


          In iClone3, the default motions for the characters are located in C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 3\Template\iClone Template\Motion.

  1. Go to File > Save As to save the script and apply it to the character.