AML Template Tutorial



Persist And Desist

If you shoot a zombie and you want it to stay dead. Then turn on the animation persist. Or do you want your zombie to jump back up and start to chase your characters around in your scary movie. Then select desist for your animation! In this lesson, we will NOT be hunting zombies, but we will be discussing about animation hierarchies, priorities as well as animations having persist - keeping a pose and desist - returning the avatar back to its normal state.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the idle motion stop at the last frame using Persist command, and how to continue on executing auto idle animation by using Desist command. Persist and Desist they can only be used between command channels: Move, Perform, and Operate Command.

  1. First, add two idle commands and idle animation clips to the character. Since idle command is an auto play motion. Idle command is a great example to show you the difference to persist and desist. Double click the command name to rename the commands and the clips.


  1. Add a Perform Command. Rename it to "Pose01_Persist". Add Animation Clip, open an idle motion from C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 3\Template\iClone Template\Motion\iMotion_Trinity\Idle. Rename the clip "Pose01".


  1. Add a new Perform Command to set desist clip. Select DesistClip from the clip drop down menu. Click "Add Clip".


  1. Rename the clip "Pose01_Desist".


  1. Set target type to "Character", this will only affect the character.
  2. Since the target type is the character. Then in the Target Node attribute, the $ sign symbolizes the character itself.
  3. Set target channel to "Perform", as this will only affect the Perform Command. Not any others like move or operate. Target Channel in desist clip cannot be assigned to idle motion. Since idle motion is an auto play motion that plays at a random state.
  4. Now save the script.

Persist and Desist in iClone

  1. Import persona to the character in iClone.
  2. Go into Director Mode.
  3. When you click the Record button you will see the idle motion been performed. Click Pause to stop idle motion.
  4. Right click and click "Pose01_Persist" in perform. Now the character performs, but after the clip is finished it stays at the last frame of the Pose01_Persist clip. Logically a character should perform its next motion or play the idle motion when its animation clip is done.


  1. In this case, the character will remain at the status of the last frame of its Pose01 clip of the Pose01_Persist command. It does not play new motions until you click "Pose01_Desist".


Please refer toAvatar Persona Allto know more about how to set persist in priority.