AML Template Tutorial



Prop Perform

So Avatars and character can do performances, does this mean that props can’t do performances? Absolutely NOT! Of course they can do performances! They can move, transform and jump around like a dancing toaster… what ever your imagination conjures up! In this lesson, you will learn how to create the Perform Command trigger clips and the hotkeys!

This sample shows how to trigger prop animations in different sequence by using different hotkeys.

Preparing the Settings in iClone:

  • Create animation clips (scale, move, rotation) for props using collect clips

  • Assign hot key to each animation

  • Rearrange playback sequence using "trigger clip"

  • Learn how to Copy/Paste Animation Clips, and Swap orders

Making your own iProp animation clips via Collect Clip

  1. Apply any desired 3D block to the current project. Make sure the position is at the origin, (0, 0, 0).
  2. Open the Collect Clip and Transform tracks of the block.
  3. Add scale keys at different frames on the Transform track to generate key-frame animation for the block.
  4. Drag in the Collect Clip track to highlight a range for generating new animation clip.
  5. Right-click within the range of the Collect Clip track and select Add to Library. Name the clip "Scale" and click OK.
  6. Clear all the scale keys. Now create rotation keys at different frames on the Transform track.
  7. Add the keys to the clip library and name the clip "Rotate".
  8. Create another clip for move and name the clip "Move".

Modify AML Script

  1.  In iClone, check to see if all the animation clips have been added to the prop. Then go to DramaScript and export script.


  1. Launch the script in AML ScriptEditor. You can see iClone automatically generates Perform commands for Props when we use Collect Clips to save animation clips.


  1. In this sample, we will show you how to arrange two commands to playback the three clips in different orders like this.


Follow the steps below to learn how to quickly rename commands, copy and swap clips in AML Editor.

  1. First, double-click on "Scale" in the command name column. Rename the command "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip01".


  1. Select "Rotate" command. Then select "Rotate" clip and click "Copy". This now copies the Rotate clip and you can paste onto other perform command.


  1. Select "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip01" command and click "Paste" to add rotate clip.


  1. Select Move command. Copy move clip and paste the clip to "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip01" ClipSeq section.


  1. Click Rotate command and press delete key on the keyboard. Delete the move command too.


  1. Select "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip01" and click "Export iCommand".


  1. Click "Import iCommand" to import the command you exported. The command now adds to my command list. Rename the command "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip02".


  1. Select first command and set hot key "Perform1".
  2. Assign trigger clip to the clips. How to assign? No. column is the reference number for you to place in the trigger clip column. Insert "0" for the Rotate clip for it to play after Scale Clip. Insert "1" for the Move clip for it to play after Rotate clip.


  1. Select "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip02" command and assign hot key "Perform2". Drag and move the clips to swap the clips of "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip02" in the order of Move - Scale - Rotate to vary from "Prop_Perform_TriggerClip01" command clips, Scale-Rotate-Move.


  1. See! The order varies, Move - Scale - Rotate.


Create some variation movement for your prop when perform.