AML Template Tutorial



Prop Idle

So people can�t sit still, but objects can� but only if we want them to! We can add in prop idle animation as well. For instance, Vehicles will slightly vibrate when their stopped at a red light. Wall clock hands will tick away. Or, such as with this lesson, we can create boxes or any to 3D object rotate. In this lesson, you will also learn about embedded animation.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create props with predefined idle animation, and how to make prop with idle action using idle command.

First we will show you how to create idle animation for props from scratch.

Preparing the Settings in iClone

  1. In iClone, create a box from Set > Props > 3D Blocks.

  2. Resize the box to the size you want.

  3. Open the Collect Clip tab and open Transform tracks on the timeline.

  4. Add rotation keys at different frames for the box to rotate 360 degrees on the Transform track to generate key-frame animation for the box.


  1. Highlight the keys in the Collect Clip track to make a range for the generated new animation clip.


  1. Right-click within the range of the Collect Clip track and select Add to Library. Name the clip and click OK.


  1. Check the perform commands of the prop to see all the motions that have embedded in the prop.


  1. Right click on the box in iClone to export the script and load into AML ScriptEditor.



AML Scripting

  1. You can see that the iClone3Box is under perform command, but I want it to be under idle command. Since we want to create an automatically played idle motions for the prop.



Here you will learn how to turn a clip in Perform command into an Idle Clip.

  1. Select the iClone3Box_Ani clip and click "Copy".


  1. Select Idle Command from the drop down list. Click "Add".

  2. Rename the clip "iClone3Box".


  1. Paste the "iClone3Box_Ani" clip. Now the clip is part of the Idle Command.

  2. The embedded animation of the prop is represented by "$" sign in clip location, which means the prop itself.


In iClone3, all animation clips you created are stored within the prop file. Since each prop has its own unique structure, the animation clips cannot be shared between props like iMotion file to actors.

  1. Save the script and import it into the prop in iClone. Test it out in iClone.